What's New?

No, I'm not going to stick every little thing I do up here. If I fix a spelling error, or add a picture or two, it doesn't warrant the effort of constantly updating this page. I will change the "date updated" on the main page, though.

There have been many small updates since the ones listed below - mostly on the Music page and the victims' pages from Allegheny 853. I haven't kept this page up, but that doesn't mean I've quit maintaining the site! Thanks for your understanding.

2 March 2007 - Started sites to promote viewing of the upcoming 2017 and 2024 eclipses!

2 February 2003 - There are now 61 National Anthems arranged for Woodwind Quintet on my Music page!

21 December 2002 - Many more National Anthems (for Woodwind Quintet) are now up on my Music page.

6 February 2002 - Added a MIDI of my arrangement of the Overture to the Magic Flute for WW Quintet. If your group is up to it, extract the parts and give it a try! other MIDI files put up at the bottom of my Music page.

28 January 2002 - Added the story of my experience hearing the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra live in the Philharmonie in Berlin. (7 years after the fact!)

20 December 2001 - Finally added Zulu to my Invitation Page! Also, added MIDI files of my Sextet for Woodwind Quintet and Harp.

11 September 2001

23 August 2001 - A milestone! 150 languages are now on my Invitation Page!

15 July 2001 - Added some more pictures from my Africa eclipse trip, as well as at the eclipse page itself.

6 July 2001 - Finally, some pictures from my Africa eclipse trip are up, as well as the story.

26 June 2001 - Added eight more languages to my Invitation Page that I got on my eclipse trip.

28 February 2001 - Added MIDI file of my music composition Waltzing Matilda, and my Sextet for Woodwind Quintet and Harp.

27 December 2000 - Added a couple of interesting math problems to the math section.

23 December 2000 - Finally got some more pictures of my August 2000 trip up. These are from Iceland!

25 November 2000 - Added the Fanfares for each act of the operas from my trip to Bayreuth to see the Ring of the Nibelung.

23 November 2000 - Now that I'm hosted on a bigger server, I've stuck some large versions of my eclipse pictures up. See my eclipse stories pages.

19 June 2000 - Revamped the index page, and added one little thing in the Math section.

05 February 2000 - A few small updates since the last one, but mostly new languages at my Invitation page (up to 132 now!). Also, a section on safely viewing an eclipse.

09 November 1999 - The Invitation page is now up to 115 languages(!), and the photo library has been restructured to make it easier to look around. The eclipse portrait from Turkey is now done.

18 September 1999 - If you like languages, take a peek at this! Also, I put up some pictures from my recent trip to Turkey to see the eclipse.

29 Jun 1999 - Added some MIDI files to my music page.

22 Jun 1999 - Finished my Aruba eclipse story. Added some material to my Allegheny 853 crash site.

11 Jun 1999 - More pictures on Allegheny 853 - updated First Officer William Heckendorn's page.

06 Jun 1999 - Added content to the VW Bug page, as well as some WAV clips of the Woodwind Quintet I play in.

27 Apr 1999 - Airline humor on the aviation page. Also, began the story of my 1999 Eclipse trip to Turkey.

14 Apr 1999 - Added some pictures of my India and Panamá trips.

21 Mar 1999 - Allegheny 853 - Began adding info about the trial, more info on Robert Carey.

6 Mar 1999 - Added more pictures. The trial section of Allegheny 853 is coming along. More info on FO Heckendorn as well.

21 Feb 1999 - Made contact with the family of Robert Carey, the pilot of the small plane tragically involved in the crash of Allegheny 853. Please visit this page; it is one of the main reasons this entire site exists.

17 Feb 1999 - Joined the Eclipse Web Ring!

20 Jan 1999 - Pictures of the pieces of the 1969 Allegheny Airlines plane crash.