Early on Tuesday morning, August 17, 1999, a terrible earthquake devastated NW Turkey. Our tour group's plane was wheels-up leaving the country from Istanbul exactly 15 hours and 5 minutes before the quake hit. I think I can speak for the entire group in saying that we are shocked, hurt, and personally deeply affected by this terrible tragedy that has taken so many of the lives of good people we came to understand better for just having been among them, even for such a short time. God help them all, and God help the Republic of Turkey.

Now that I'm finally back from my trip to Turkey to see the eclipse, here are some of the pictures I took while I was there.



Sometimes I felt I would've preferred this to our tour bus.

The Three Fairy Chimneys, natural soft rock
formations in Kappadokia, in central Turkey

12th century bridge over the Euphrates river.

A sultan can never have too much gold.

This well-decorated and -loved bike stood
out in a very poor section of town

Take home a piece of Kappadokia!

Who knows -- maybe it's his lunch?

Another preferred means of travel.

Commercialism, alive and well in downtown Istanbul.

An Egyptian obelisk, sitting in this same spot since 369AD!

The impressive Bosphorus River bridge tower (ca. 600 ft!)

© 1999 Dan McGlaun