Here is where I've stuck pictures I've taken while on vacation or business far away from my home. Whether you find a shot here or in my regular Photo Library is pretty much dependent on how I felt at the time I put it up. Just spend some time surfing here, and you'll get to everything. More will go up as I have time to scan!

From my honeymoon in Florida.
Traveling's not always as safe as we'd like.
(Live... shelling?)

I think traveling is about the best thing a person can do to help them mature, understand their world and other people, gain self-confidence, and just generally become a better person than they were before. The things you expose yourself to when you put yourself in a truly foreign situation ultimately help you gain a better understanding of what kind of person you really are. You also find out that just because people look different, talk different, or have different cultures or religions, they aren't any better or worse than you are. They're just different, and different can be good. We'll never fully understand what it is to be from another culture, but by experiencing those cultures firsthand, we learn to appreciate the things in our own culture that are good, while at the same time learning to eliminate from our list of anxieties those things in our society which just simply don't matter.

I wholeheartedly recommend taking every opportunity you can to go somewhere and see things different from what's in your back yard. If you can do it while you're young, before the obligations of family take their strangle hold on you, fine. If not, go see things with your family. There's plenty of stuff within 1000 miles of your home that'll make great memories for a lifetime. When the kids are gone, do the more exotic stuff. You'll never regret it.

Get on down the road!

I've been to all 50 of the United States (and each of them but three more than once!), plus Puerto Rico. I've seen about every sight in this country that is historic and important, only missing the following:

Yosemite, Mt. St. Helens, Kitty Hawk, Michigan's U.P., Martha's Vineyard.

The biggest cities I haven't been to are Tucson and Pocatello. I've been to all the other cities on the top 100 list in the U.S.

For my foreign travel, see the pages below. Some of my foreign travel adventures are also outlined on my eclipse page.

I plan to continue to travel and see new things as time and money allow. There's always more to see!

A panorama I did in Photoshop from photos of Crater Lake (OR) taken in March 1993. Sorry about the banding in the lake and sky, but that's what you get with GIFs!

To give you an idea of the scale, this is a composite of ten photographs taken with a 24mm lens on 35mm film. That means it's over 180° from left to right, and almost 90° from top to bottom. The white snow in the foreground is a straight path, not curved as it appears. (See the two people walking on the right?)

Australia (May '93)

Hawaii (May '93)

Mexico (Dec '93)

India (Oct '95)

Germany (Nov '95)

Panamá (Jan '97)

Aruba (Feb '98)

Turkey (Aug '99)

Iceland (Aug '00)

Paris (Aug '00)

Germany (Aug '00)

Prague (Aug '00)

Africa (Jun '01)

Alberta (Jun '03)

Hawaii (Feb '04)

Toronto, from the top of the CN Tower

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