The Slaughterhouse Five

Here are a couple of WAV files from a concert we gave a few years ago. To save space, I've watered them down to Mono, 11k samples that are nowhere near as good as the original CD-quality recordings. I had to, though, or they'd take forever to download. As it is, they're already pretty big. Enjoy, and e-mail me if you'd like us to come and play for your special event!

Nielsen Quintet Chorale
(24 sec, 509 kB)

Horn solo
(37 sec, 797 kB)
** NOTE: Pam, our horn player who played this piece so wonderfully, was taken very ill in the summer of 1999.
After spending many weeks in intensive care, it still remains to be seen whether she will ever play the horn again.
This is a tragic musical loss, but we are all very glad to still have her with us. Our group's best wishes are with her.

(17.5 sec, 376 kB)

Flute and Clarinet
(31 sec, 667 kB)

Variation from the Nielsen
(34 sec, 731 kB)

Slow Clarinet
(45 sec, 487 kB)
I had to put this one in, even though it may seem a little like I'm featuring myself too much. I just didn't want to leave it out.