For the people in my group who wanted to see it: The T-shirt design I left hanging over my washer:



The words are: "Today is my Birthday!
Thanks to the beautiful country of Turkey for this wonderful present!"

I'll get the other design up (the one I had with me on the trip) when I get to it. Sorry for now.

The latest I've heard on the recent eclipse:

England was almost totally clouded out, and did not get the tourism they'd expected. There was one e-mail from a man in Cornwall who says they saw totality for a few brief moments through a break in the clouds.

France apparently got mostly a good show, though the satellite pictures show lots of clouds.

Germany was hit and miss. Some saw it, if they were lucky enough to get to drive to a point where it happened to clear up during totality. Most, though, were clouded out. Schade!

Austria saw it, as did Hungary and most of Romania. That little town where greatest eclipse was, though, was clouded out. A large cloud formed over Romania almost at the last minute.

The little piece of Bulgaria that saw totality, saw totality!

Turkey was great (that's where I was!), as was all of the Black Sea. Iran and Iraq of course were perfect. Well, weather-wise, that is.

Pakistan and India were clouded out, although I saw a sunset eclipse picture from India showing the sun setting partially eclipsed.

The rumor we heard while in Turkey was that some tourists had been attacked in Esfahan, Iran. I can't say if this is true or not.

On to Africa!

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