Pictures of the 20 Feb 2008 Total Lunar Eclipse!

A tombstone epitaph I thought was really cool:

The stars have been my friends -- how shall I then fear the night?

(See my page on All Through the Night for more on the romanticism of stars.)

A time exposure (10 min) taken at midnight under a full moon. You can make out the constellation of Lyra at top left. (Vega is the bright star.)

In 1985, while looking forward to Halley's Comet, I built a large box-like contraption that would let me take time exposures of constellations. It's basically a platform with a crank in it that I can turn manually while guiding on a star through a spotting scope. Exposures are limited to about three minutes, because my hand starts shaking after that! All in all, though, my constellation portraits aren't bad. I've had quite a few of them published in Astronomy magazine. Here are a couple for you to look at:


Leo (my sign!)

Comet Hyakutake

Crux, the Coal Sack, and Eta Carinae from Central Australia. You cannot possibly believe the number of stars you see from the outback!

1998 Dan McGlaun