Total Lunar Eclipse
20 Feb 2008

photos by Dan McGlaun
(from his front yard)

(click on an image to view a larger version)
(most "larger versions" can be magnified by clicking on them once they pull up)

8:05 pm - prior to eclipse

8:52 pm - partial phase

9:39 pm - The partially-eclipsed moon with four other objects which form a cross (the bottom "star" is Saturn)

9:48 pm - deeper partial

9:52 pm - deeper partial

10:01 pm - almost total

10:07 - "cross"
here for a version with the object names

10:08 - "cross"

10:10 pm - the moon with the sickle of Leo
(the head of the Lion)
here for a version with the object names

10:11 pm - the moon and Regulus

10:13 pm - the moon and Saturn
No, you can't see the rings!

10:16 pm - the moon with Regulus and Saturn

I've read that there will not be another TLE that has two very bright objects so close to the moon for several hundred years. This was a very beautiful eclipse! While not nearly as exciting as a total solar eclipse, it is definitely worth braving the cold to see!

©2008 Dan McGlaun.